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Hike through the very heart of the Cordillera where Peru highest
mountains soar thousands of feet above. The Santa Cruz trek works its way over
a high mountain pass, catching stunning views of the surrounding glaciated
peaks. Youll end the hike in the mountain town of Vaqueria.


06: Huaraz / Transfer to Cashapampa (2900mt) / Trekking to Llamacorral Camp (3760mt)

Depart Huaraz and drive to the small village of Cashapampa to meet
your donkeys and begin your trek up the beautiful Santa Cruz Valley. Hike about
4 hours before setting up campand settling in for the evening in an area called

07: Llamacorral / Trekking to Taullipampa Camp (4100mt) Camp

We continue the trek by the broad and flat creek Santa Cruz, crossing
gaps Ichiccocha and Jatuncocha, quisuar arrive at where we started a trek to
basecamp side of the creek by Alpamayo Arhuaycocha from where they have
splendid views of Quitaraju (6040 m), Alpamayo (5947 m), Artezonraju (6025 m)
and others, and then cross into our camp in Taullipampa (4000 m) at the foot of
impressive Taulliraju (5830 m).

08: Taullipampa / Trekking Punta Union Pass (4750mt) / Cachinapampa Camp (2800mt)

This will be a long and tiring day, rising by a steep and zigzag path
between the impressive Taulliraju and flanked by the turquoise lagoon of
Taullicocha arrived at Punta Union (4750 m), 3 hours, from where the currency
Chacraraju (6112 m ), Artezonraju (6025 m), Pyramid (5885 m), Huandoy (6395 m),
Alpamayo (5940 m), Santa Cruz (6259 m), Rinrihirca (5810 m), Taulliraju (5830
m) and others, toward the flank Eastern Cordillera white began to descend by
the gaps in Morococha to the wide and long stream of Huaripampa quenuales
crossing forests and meadows Andean pleasant, we are approaching our camp.

09: Cachinapampa / Vaquería / Transfer to Huaraz

We continue to fall until the small Andean town of Colcabamba (3350
m), 1 hour, and then began to climb toward Vaquería (3700 m), 2 hours, which
will search our car to ascend toward Portachuelo Llanganuco (4765 m) 2 hours,
from where he has splendid views of Huascaran north (6768 m), Huascaran south
(6650 m), Chopicalqui (6354 m), Huandoy (6395 m), Pisco (5752 m). Then go down
the ravine Llanganuco visiting gaps Llanganuco, Orkoncocha and Chinacocha, then
return to the city of Huaraz.

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