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Alpamayo Climbing (5947mt) 7 days - Cordillera Blanca Climbing Peru

The most beautiful mountain in the world". One look at the southwest face of Alpamayo and any climber in the world would be interested in attempting to climb this remarkable peak.Wildly fluted fa ...

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Tocllaraju Climbing (6032mt) 4 days - Cordillera Blanca Peru

Tocllaraju 6034mt is a spectacular pyramid like massif that it covers over the Ishinca valley with white and perfect stateliness. Famous because of its beauty and because of the many visitors it recei ...

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Artesonraju Climbing (6024mt) 4/6 days - Cordillera Blanca Climb

The truth is that Artesonraju is a real mountain in Peru's Cordillera Blanca. Often compared to Peru's more well-known Alpamayo, Artesonraju has a similar shape and profile. It is a perfect pyramid with beauti ...

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Quitaraju Climbing (6040mt) 7 days - Cordillera Blanca Climb

Their proximity to the Alpamayo and the fact to share he himself ice field has turned it another great classic one of this mountain range. Its normal route passes by its edge the west, but it is the North wall and his ...

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Chopicalqui Climbing (6352mt) 4/5 days - Cordillera Blanca Climb

Chopicalqui 6354mt is spectacularly situated northeast of and connected to Peru’s highest peak, Huascaran Sur. With Huascaran Norte and Sur, it is the third highest summit encircling the Llangan ...

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Climbing Huascaran 6768mt 6 days - Cordillera Blanca Climb

Huascaran is Peru's highest mountain; its two summits are separated by an enormous col, the Garganta, which is gained by climbing along the edge of a tumbling icefall. This can give several short ...

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