The Uros Floating Islands 1 Day

The Uros floating islands become on one of the most singular attractions of world tourism, it is located north of Puno city Bay 6 km from the lake port. The Uros name was used to name a very particular ethnic group that coexisted on Lake Titicaca with the Incas, Aymaras and possibly the most ancient civilizations. Why are floating? They are built by dense vegetation, formed by the Totora, the llachu, for this they seek thick reeds, and over time, interweave their roots forming a natural layer called Khili, the thickness of the islands is one to two meters.

This allows them to build their own rooms with the same material. What do the Uros people do? The people of the islands are dedicated to hunting and fishing, dissecting animals (birds and fish), they build little totora reed rafts, in the same way women knit wool fabrics and tapestry. They have an admirable expertise from young children to fish and drive reed boats. The Uros food is based on traditional fishing carachi, mackerel and hunting birds. The reed is also part of their diet.


In the Morning:
08:45 am. Pick up visitors from their hotels.
09:00 am. Departure from the port
09:25 am. You will visit 2 or 3 islands
12:15 pm. Return to Puno City.

At Midday:

11:45 am. Pick up from the hotel and transfer to the harbor.
12:00 pm. Departure from port.
12:30 pm. Visit 2 or 3 islands.
3:00 pm. Return to Puno.

In the Afternoon:
03:45 pm. Pick up from the hotel in the City.
04:00 pm. Departure from the port of Puno.
04:30 pm. Visit 2 or 3 Uros floating islands.
06:00 pm. Return to Puno City.

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